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Protect against all conceivable threats, be they physical or digital, known or unknown. Nevada License #4134.


When to Engage Our Services

If you suspect corporate espionage or unauthorized surveillance within your company, our professional sweep is tailored to address and eliminate potential threats.

Seeking peace of mind for your residence? Our TSCM services ensure your home is free from security vulnerabilities, providing you with a secure living environment.

Harboring doubts about a potential business partner? Our deep-level due diligence offers a comprehensive investigation, empowering you to make fully informed decisions.

If you find yourself at an elevated risk and are concerned about the safety of yourself and your family online, our anonymity service ensures a heightened level of protection.

A high-profile celebrity, anxious about potential threats or invasions of privacy. This service ensures a comprehensive evaluation of  potential reconnaissance threats.

Suspecting your vehicles are being tracked? Confirm your suspicions with our vehicle bug sweep, providing clarity on any potential adversary activities.

TSCM Bug Sweeps

Licensed, Certified, and Insured Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Team.

The services delivered precisely matched the description, and the outcomes surpassed my expectations in terms of speed. I genuinely value the extra effort they put in during a highly sensitive situation.
Sarah V
Finance Executive
Enhanced Intelligence for Executives

Detailed and timely Intelligence to inform decision-making.

We trust Stealth Zero to keep our confidential conversations secure, and they have exceeded our expectations every time.
Ryan C
Hotel-Casino executive

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