Intelligence & TSCM Agency based in Las Vegas, NV.

Nevada Licensed & insured # 4134

About us

We are a licensed private investigation agency dedicated to excellence, nuance, and depth, with a worldwide scope. We specialize in crafting customized solutions designed to address the specific requirements of every client we serve. Prioritizing quality over quantity, our team offers a professional and innovative approach to problem-solving. If you seek a fresh perspective and expert assistance, we are here to help.

Our services

01 Counter Intelligence

Our adversary-mindset assessment, rooted in open-source intelligence (OSINT), aiming to highlight your vulnerability to physical threat planning.

02 Technical Bug Sweep

TSCM Inspections for corporations and individuals ensure that critical information remains protected from even the most sophisticated devices.

03 Enhanced Due Diligence

Anticipate before it becomes critical. Providing individuals and corporations with crucial insights into potential or actual financial, reputational, political, or legal risks. 

04 Opposition Research

Delving deep into the backgrounds, statements, and actions of political opponents, providing comprehensive insights to inform strategic decision-making.

05 Person Locate

Our global reach service employs advanced techniques and resources to track and identify individuals worldwide, offering discreet and reliable solutions for locating targets.

06 Anonymity Services

Our commitment extends to safeguarding every facet of our clients’ lives against potential threats. Addressing specific concerns to fortify protection comprehesively.

07 Asset Locate & recovery

Finding and retrieving hidden or misused assets using advanced methods to track down ownership even when assets are obscured by complex financial structures.

08 Executive Screening

Rigorous background checks and thorough vetting to ensure that key personnel possess the integrity, qualifications, and suitability required for executive roles.

Certified & Licensed

Technical Bug Sweep

Corporate TSCM

TSCM inspections for at-risk corporations and executives.

Residential TSCM

For high-risk individuals, guaranteeing protection against covert surveillance.

Vehicle Sweep

Detecting and neutralizing GPS trackers and other unathorized devices.

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