About Us

Stealth Zero is a premier counterespionage and intelligence firm, licensed in Nevada and equipped with highly trained operators and analysts.

Our Founder & CEO

With an extensive twenty-three-year tenure in law enforcement, counterespionage, human trafficking, and information security, James Artherton has honed his expertise through involvement in numerous global projects focused on espionage and counterespionage. James has garnered valuable insights from a diverse range of international assignments and people, showcasing his adaptability and proficiency in navigating complex security landscapes. His professional journey has seen him actively engaged in projects across major global hubs. Having chosen Las Vegas as the operational headquarters for Stealth Zero, James has settled in the city with his family since 2020. 


Stealth Zero holds a Nevada state license (4134) as a private investigation firm, enabling us to conduct sweeps not only within the state but also nationwide. We are also proud members of ASIS and WAD.


Our operators undergo training from the leading global TSCM firm, Research Electronics International (REI). Additionally, our intelligence analysts bring extensive experience from government and the private sector.


Stealth Zero, along with its operators and analysts, carries comprehensive insurance coverage, enabling the provision of TSCM and intelligence services across the entire United States.

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