Counter Intelligence

Evaluating Your Vulnerabilities in the Information-Gathering Phase Undertaken by Individuals or Groups with Malicious Intent.

Adversary Mindset

Our adversary-mindset assessment, rooted in open-source intelligence (OSINT), revolves around examining your digital presence. This involves a thorough analysis of your online activities and digital footprints, aiming to highlight your vulnerability to physical threat planning. Moving beyond the digital realm, our optional Surveillance  assessment mirrors a penetration test, a non-intrusive examination of potential vulnerabilities in the real world. In an era where information is power, the dark art of hostile reconnaissance poses significant risks to individuals and organizations alike. Our specialized Hostile Recon Threat Assessment is designed to identify vulnerabilities and safeguard you against malicious intent.

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Mitigate Physical Attack Threats

Use Case Scenarios

Executive Security

High-profile executives are prime targets for hostile reconnaissance. Our threat assessments delve into potential risks, providing actionable intelligence to fortify executive security.

Celebrity Privacy Protection

Celebrities navigate a landscape of heightened public interest. Our threat assessments focus on shielding their personal and professional lives, mitigating risks associated with intrusive reconnaissance.

Stalking Prevention/Intervention

Individuals facing stalking threats require swift and discreet intervention. Our assessments employ advanced techniques to identify and neutralize stalking risks, ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients.

Nation-state Target Defense

ndividuals targeted by nation-states face sophisticated threats. Our Hostile Recon Threat Assessment incorporates geopolitical intelligence to fortify defenses against state-sponsored reconnaissance.

Family Security

Protecting families from potential threats is paramount. Our assessments extend to identifying vulnerabilities that could compromise family safety, offering a strategic shield against hostile reconnaissance.

Organizational Risk Mitigation

Our threat assessments focus on identifying weaknesses, providing strategic insights to fortify organizational security against hostile actors.

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