Asset Locate & Recovery

We specialize in finding and retrieving hidden or misused assets for our clients, using advanced methods to track down ownership even when assets are held by third parties.

Tracking Concealed assets

In our Asset Locate and Recovery service, we excel at uncovering assets that have been concealed or misused, working tirelessly to reclaim what rightfully belongs to our clients. Employing sophisticated asset tracing techniques, we leave no stone unturned in identifying the true owners and controllers of assets, even when they’re obscured by layers of complexity involving third parties, trustees, or shell companies.

Our intelligence methodology sets us apart, extending beyond traditional approaches like forensic accounting and financial analysis. By harnessing advanced techniques and leveraging a wide array of resources, including open-source intelligence, we excel at uncovering concealed assets, even in cases where no tangible paper trail exists. Whether it’s tracking down hidden bank accounts, real estate holdings, or other valuable assets, we pride ourselves on delivering results that exceed expectations and restore our clients’ financial security.

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