Corporate TSCM

Technical Surveillance Countermeasure inspections for corporations and executives ensure that critical information remains protected from even the most sophisticated devices.

Critical Information Protected

Our technical sweeps can help you avoid industrial espionage, internal leaks, media spying, blackmail, negative publicity and much more. We can protect boardroom meetings, sensitive negotiations, lawsuit strategies, employee safety, vulnerable off-site meetings, and executives family. Periodic inspections are now a standard business practice across many corporate sectors. Inspections can be performed twice a year, although they’re often performed every quarter. Our scheduled TSCM inspections always include an information security survey of the requested areas at no extra charge.

Sectors We Serve

Tailored Counterespionage


In IP-rich sectors like defense, where safeguarding information is paramount, our counter-surveillance measures are a must.


Executive meetings in hotel conference facilities are commonplace, and we create secure environments.


For companies on the frontlines of espionage in the financial sector, our proven strategies ensure effective threat mitigation.


Ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information and protecting the company’s operational integrity as they grow.


With the lengthy and costly journey from discovery to market, you must take measures to safeguard confidential IP.


Where innovation thrives, our specialized counter-surveillance measures are tailored to safeguard proprietary information.

The TSCM Inspection

We arrange a mutually convenient time to conduct your TSCM investigation – our services are available any time, any day or night. If required, we handle all travel arrangements. Simply pick a time and date and we will be there. We first ask for you to give us a brief orientation of your facility. Each TSCM inspection unfolds slightly different as information can be transferred from sensitive areas in a variety of ways. There is no single test, technique, or gadget which will detect every method. We have developed procedures and acquired equipment to fit every scenario.

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High-profile clients, celebrities, politicians, and at-risk individuals.

Detecting and neutralizing GPS trackers and other unauthorized devices.